Some Great Resources on Molinism

Below are links to some great articles, books, and videos on Molinism by Molinist and non Molinist scholars alike.


Banez’s Big Problem: The Ground of Freedom
James Dominic Rooney OP

Rooney argues that while Molinism has to deal with the grounding objection, the main Catholic alternative to Molinism, Banezianism, has itself a problem in regards to how creatures can truly freely respond to God’s grace apart from Middle Knowledge. Rooney argues that the eminent Thomist philosopher Reginald Garrigou-Lagrange’s answer is incoherent.

Middle Knowledge, Truth–Makers, and the “Grounding Objection

William Lane Craig argues in this essay that while on the surface, it might be easy to lodge a grounding objection against Molinism, such an object, in order to success must come with a truth-maker theory which is not at all obvious or appealing.


Luis de Molina: The Life and Theology of the Founder of Middle Knowledge

On Divine Foreknowledge: Part IV of the “Concordia” (Concordia, Part IV)

Divine Providence: The Molinist Account (Cornell Studies in the Philosophy of Religion)

God, Time, and Knowledge (Cornell Studies in the Philosophy of Religion)


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